Friday, June 29, 2007

A Brand New Look Helping to Better Brand Freelance Writing and Editorial Service, The Flawless Word – Gets a Long Overdue Makeover

Nearly five years after it made its official online debut, has received some long overdue sprucing up. A new logo and a new Web site design aim to better brand Kathy Kehrli’s freelance writing and editorial service, The Flawless Word.

Scranton, Pa. ( July 2, 2007 – This week, a new and improved debuted on the worldwide Web, giving the growing freelance writing and editorial service a professional-image boost. Last year, company owner Kathy Kehrli splurged on a personalized logo to better brand her business image. The Web site redesign was a natural extension of that indulgence, one that aims to lend a unified look and feel to’s reputation.

While the old was understated and copy-focused – traits that mirror Kehrli’s business approach – it didn’t exude enough qualities to etch the company brand in its visitors’ minds. It had also remained un-updated since it was first launched nearly five years ago.

“My business has grown so much since first debuted that the content no longer reflected my capabilities and focus,” Kehrli explains. “The past five years have been extremely good to me and I decided it was high time I invested in portraying a professionally branded image to my existing and future clients,” she continues.

The new logo was designed by Daniel Wasinger of The color scheme that resulted from Kehrli’s brainstorming with Wasinger then served as the inspiration behind’s facelift, a creation. If early feedback is any indication, the redesign is poised to be a hit.

Fellow freelancer, Alicia Sparks of, who helped Kehrli narrow down several Web site designs to the final candidate, had this to say of the new site’s visual appeal: “The color scheme is very low-key and neutral. There's no point when I'm looking at it do my eyes have to focus.”

In addition to a new look and more representative copy, visitors to the new will find several new page links, including testimonials from Kehrli’s past clients, a portfolio of some of her best work and access to her business blog. This latter page will be updated with breaking news about, so that Kehrli’s clientele can keep abreast of all her accomplishments.

To see the new and improved The Flawless Word and all it has to offer, visit the company online at

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Five Tips on How NOT to Take Advantage of Outsourcing through – Long-time Elance Provider,, Provides Advice for Buyers of Freelance Services

Long-time Elancer Kathy Kehrli of provides tips for buyers on how to secure the best service providers for their projects.

Scranton, Pa. ( March 7, 2007 – Controversy comes shrouded in many costumes, but none so thinly veiled as a recent press release that advised freelance buyers on how to go about outsourcing their projects on When word of the advice contained within this press release spread to several Elance service providers, including one of the author’s very own clients,, a flurry of contention ensued. This war of words resulted in the gauntlet being thrown down over what exactly constitutes an effectively phrased and executed Elance project.

“The author of that press release has been an ongoing client of mine for well over a year, and he found me through His advice for other buyers, however, clearly exhibits the deep chasm that exists between outsourcing buyer and service provider,” says Kathy Kehrli, owner of and a seven-year Elance veteran.

Kehrli advises, “If price is your only consideration and quality is irrelevant, then by all means turn into a game of charades. If, however, you’re seeking a true professional who will provide with a high-quality finished product at market-fair pricing, consider the following course of action instead.”

1. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Although it is true that Elance institutes bid minimums, requesting ten articles instead of one won’t necessarily save you any money, especially if you don’t need those extra nine. That’s because an established professional is likely to offer significant discounts only on very large-scale projects.

2. Never use the phrase, “This is a simple and easy project for someone who knows what they’re doing.” It’s a general consensus among Elance service providers that this phrase is a major turnoff. If you use it, you’ll very likely alienate the best Elance providers.

3. Never use the phrase, “Heck, you get a free education while you listen to this.” Professional providers aren’t interested in learning something irrelevant for free. They come to Elance to earn a viable living, not to get a free education. Elancer Tammy Valentine of explains, “I've learned some useful information from some of my assignments, but nothing worth lowering my price.”

4. Don’t be vague about your project budget. Don’t beat around the bush with a “Not Sure” designation. Professional freelancers know what they’re worth and will often up their rates at the slightest indication a buyer is clueless about the price range the market demands.

5. Don’t balk at upfront deposit requests. Be prepared to put one down to secure the very best provider. Most experienced Elancers have instituted such deposits to protect themselves from unscrupulous buyers.

For more information on how you can make the most of your buying experience, contact Kathy Kehrli through her Web site,

Monday, February 05, 2007

Low-Cost Press Release Promotion Raises $50 for Charity – Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Recipient of’s January Special Proceeds’s January 2007 press release promotion raked in $50 for charity. The special was so successful that company president Kathy Kehrli is continuing it throughout the first quarter of the year.

Scranton, PA (PRWeb) February 7, 2007 — Last month, offered discount press releases to all its customers, with $10 from each one completed earmarked for charity. The promotion managed to bring in fifty philanthropic dollars, which Kehrli passed along to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). The initiative proved so popular and personally rewarding, in fact, that Kehrli plans to continue reserving for charity $10 from every press release she completes until at least the end of March. Individuals and businesses who would like to help her in her charitable endeavors can order a press release through her Web site:

“When I came up with the press release promotion, I had no idea how it would be received. The response, however, has been overwhelming, so much so that I plan to continue giving to charity a portion of every press release I write throughout the first quarter of the year,” Kehrli says. Why MADD as the recipient of her generosity? “I wanted to choose an organization that held personal significance for me. I lost my mother to a drunk driver twenty years ago. You can’t get much more personal than that, so the contribution was made in her memory,” explains Kehrli.’s clients have responded quite favorably to the concept. One of her current press release clients has even agreed to match her contribution. With four press release slots in Kehrli’s schedule already filled, February is shaping up to exceed January’s mark.

Although is now charging its regular press release price, the company will be setting aside a portion of all profits until at least the end of March. If interest remains high, Kehrli may extend the promotion throughout the remainder of the year. Although she hasn’t decided whether she’ll keep donating to MADD or share the wealth with other charitable organizations, Kehrli does make one promise: If you order a press release from, $10 of your purchase price is guaranteed to go to a good cause.

Individuals or businesses who would like to take advantage of’s charitable press release promotion can email Kehrli at with their request. A press release questionnaire will be forwarded to all respondents so Kehrli can tailor her writing to their specific requirements.

Kathy Kehrli

Thursday, December 21, 2006

For Immediate Release

Low-Cost Press Releases with a Philanthropic Twist – Lining Two Pockets with One Offer by Discounting Press Releases and Giving to Charity

In gratitude of a prosperous 2006,’s Kathy Kehrli is extending a limited-time offer. Until January 5, 2007, all press release requests she receives will be fulfilled at a discounted rate of $85, $10 of which will go to a charity of the writer’s choosing.

Scranton, PA (PRWeb) December 23, 2006 — To celebrate her sixth successful year as a full-time freelancer,’s Kathy Kehrli is currently discounting one of her most popular writing services. From now until January 5, 2007, all press release requests she receives will be fulfilled at a discount rate of $85. This price represents at least a 15 percent savings off her usual rate. What’s more, in gratitude of her continued good fortune, she’ll be donating $10 of every check she receives from this offer to a charity of her choosing.

All press release requests receives between now and the close of business January 5, 2007 will be eligible for the discount and will be completed on a first-come, first-served basis. Individuals who would like to see samples of Kehrli’s press release writing style before ordering can do so online at The Flawless Word. Alternatively, they can email her at for examples that are more relevant to their exact needs.

“I consider myself blessed to have spent the past six years making a good living while doing what I love to do. This is my way of giving back to all the clients who have enabled me to accomplish my dream and, at the same time, to those who are less fortunate than I am. As I embark on my seventh year as a successful freelancer, I’d like to spread the good fortune I’ve experienced with others,” Kehrli explains.

Over the course of her writing/editing career, Kehrli’s clients have responded to her press releases with much acclaim. Spanish Workshop for Children facilitator and co-author of Play and Learn Spanish/French, Marcela Summerville, had this to say about the press release Kehrli wrote for her: “One of the most prestigious Philadelphia newspapers, Chestnut Hill Local, has published the PR about my program you wrote.” Businessman James Carter of Repario Ltd. and, who also emphasizes giving back to the community, praises the practicality of Kehrli’s press releases: “Everyone here absolutely LOVES your writing. It flows very well, is straightforward and always carries some statistical weight to it (the practical business side our customers want).”

Individuals who would like to take advantage of’s limited-time press release offer should contact Kehrli at with their request. A press release questionnaire will be forwarded to each respondent so Kehrli can tailor her writing to their specific requirements.

Kathy Kehrli
The Flawless Word